Hints on taking better photos #5: Go with the flow

Some days thing just don't work out the way you planned. It's the same in photography. You might want to get some photos of the kids but they'd rather run away, or pull silly faces. You might plan to photograph a waterfall but it's raining or there's no water. So maybe it's time to give up, find a cafe and order an espresso. Or you could just go with the flow...

A while ago I had a day home with my daughter. We had spent a while a few weeks before taking photos with her jumping on her bed and I was quite happy with the results, especially with a high ISO and short exposure time:

... but I wanted to give it another try, especially as there were a few things I wanted to improve (notice I missed part of Sarah's right hand in the photo above). However, things didn't really go to plan. The first batch of photos were OK but the sheet I hung up to make a plain background wasn't smooth enough and made for a distracting background:

... and after a while Sarah (understandably) got tired, lost interest and decided to "have a rest". Give up or keep taking photos? Well, I decided to take a few more shots, and got one nice one:

Sometimes it pays to go with the flow!

So if your kids decide they'd rather make silly faces than be sensible and smile nicely, take the photo anyway. You'll get some photos that at least they will like, will capture how they actually were at the time and can probably catch them between silly episodes in more natural, 'honest' situations. Like this one: